How To Be A Writer

I am very proud to say that one of my jobs is to be a writer. I write words, people read them. Of all the ways I try to make my way in this world, that is the way I invest most my heart and soul. I’ve been asked many times how someone who aspires to it can be a writer. So these are my top tips.

How To Write Characters Who Feel Alive Beyond The Limitations Of Your Story

The characters of your story are the main draw for your audience. Your plot and world can be fascinating, but if the characters are flat, the story will feel flat. Characters who feel alive make your story feel real, and that makes it more exciting for your audience.

How To Keep Your Story Conflict Active In Every Scene

Your story follows your Protagonist on a journey to achieve a story goal, and your Antagonist trying to stop them. As long as these characters are motivated, your story conflict is active. I’ll explain why an active story conflict is essential to keep your story moving forwards and entertaining.

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