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How To Write A Character Arc From Bad To Good

The best stories take characters on a journey. They are changed and shaped by the events in your story and come out the other end as different people. This is emotional journey is known as your character’s arc. Usually a Protagonist will arc towards greater strength, learning from their errors, and an Antagonist will arc to greater evil.

How To Write Perspective Hopping

When you’re writing your story, it’s a good idea to write from the perspective of one of the characters. It allows your story to feel more real and personal to your readers, and they will connect to your character as they share their experiences. However, sometimes you’ll want to hop perspectives to see the story through different eyes.

How To Write Cosmic Narcissism

The belief that in a Universe so huge, so vast and undiscovered, that some huge power would choose to change and shape the world to tell your story is cosmic narcissism. It’s the over inflated sense of self importance that comes with classic narcissism, but without the need for validation or tendency towards bullying. Of course, a cosmic narcissist could also be a toxic narcissist, but not always.

How To Write A Conflict Engine For An Episodic Story

For a successful series, you need more than just the long form conflict. Something needs to happen each episode to tell a short mini story, a mini conflict. For this, you need a conflict engine. In this post, I’ll explore what one is, why it matters, and how to create one.

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