Thoughts And Things

About Me

I’m JJ, I’m an author, writer, screenwriter, filmmaker, YouTuber and artist. My first novel, Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit was the first release from Siren stories and launched the universe; find all my books here.

I am the editor of The Table Read Magazine, where I am sharing the writing and work of other creatives including authors, artists, filmmakers, actors and more. My goal is to support and inspire other writers on their journey and to help get more stories out into the world. I love the creative community so much and being able to be a voice of encouragement to those around me is so important.

Our first feature film, Hollowhood, is out now. It was written and directed by Jonathan McKinney and myself, and whilst we have been somewhat delayed by the pandemic interfering, we are very proud of how it has been received!

My art is an old passion I have recently developed into a career. I love drawing, creating digital pictures, and animating photographs. I also sell designs, both hand drawn and digital, on my Redbubble Shops on fashion and accessories.

I live and works from home with my writing partner, Jonathan McKinney, our three children, Rose, Ezekiel and Buffy, and our extremely foolish Springer Spaniel, Molly.

I’m a big fan reading books, watching TV, and falling asleep during movies. I drink too much coffee in the morning, too much wine in the evening, and eat too much cheese at all times.

Come find me on social media and chat to me. I love hearing about your writing and art, so let’s connect!