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My name’s JJ and I’m an author, writer and screenwriter by trade.

JJ Barnes with coffee… as always.

That’s me ——————>

I initially began blogging back in 2012, focussing on primarily on parenting, whilst I was in the process of writing my first book, Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit. That book came out in 2016, and pretty much made my dreams come true. I was a tearful mess when I held that book for the first time, full on ugly cried.

JJ Barnes with writing partner Jonathan McKinney.

Since then I’ve written for several major publications, including Feminist Current, The Independent, and Huffington Post, released 3 novels, and have a TV series, Gracemarch, in production which I co-created with my writing (and life) partner, Jonathan McKinney. Between my children, my dog, and my work I’m pretty busy. But it’s a life I love and wouldn’t trade for anything.

My fiction writing is focussed heavily on female relationships; sisters, friends, or lovers, and always with a fantastical magical element. I love tales of magic and witchcraft and how it shapes and influences its users.

In my non fiction I enjoy writing about pop culture and current affairs, often with the lense of a feminist or a parent.

You can find links to everything I do on my website and come follow me on assorted social media for more chatter and lots of photos of my dog.


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