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I listen to news radio a lot. I have a sort of addiction to knowing all the terrible things that are going on in the world, as if ignoring them or remaining ignorant somehow makes me complicit. I want to know all the awful things that happen in our world because I want to know what I should be fighting for.

I should be fighting for children like Arthur.


I’m not going to post a link to the audio of Arthur’s cries. If you want to hear them, I don’t say this as if it’s entertainment just for your own understanding, then you can find them. They play with with advance warning on LBC. But I won’t share because, and this is an overused word but I mean it, that audio is triggering.

I think of his mother. She’s locked away from him, fighting her own battles, and was forced to trust her baby to the protection of others. Hearing those cries is harrowing for me. Devastating. But for her?

I think of those who killed him. Tortured him. Neglected him and broke him. What happens to them now? What will the court decide is the appropriate treatment for someone who willingly harms an innocent like this? What does our society do when such atrocities happen? What is right? What is the right thing to do in a situation where the most wrong has already been done?

What human beings can do to those more vulnerable than themselves is one of those hideous truths that I lie awake at night worrying about. Children trafficked into the sex trade. Girls sold as brides to men five times their age. Women brutalised in brothels. Little boys raised as child soldiers. Children beaten and abused for the entertainment of those who are supposed to be their safety and their home. The most vulnerable in this world treated so terribly by the people around them who have the power to save them. To end the suffering and do something. Fight for them.

Fight For The Vulnerable

Arthur. How many people had the power to save him? To see those bruises and know they’re not just him falling over on the way home from school (my 5 year old’s scuffed knees) or falling over after spinning so much he got dizzy (my 9 year old’s bumped elbow). Bumps and bruises are normal. What happened to Arthur is not. And who saw? Who chose to do nothing? Who didn’t use their power in this world to stand up for the most vulnerable when they had the chance? Who was complicit?

I know what I’m fighting for. And I know what I’m fighting against.

Fight for the vulnerable, the ones who need us, the ones we can use our own power to help. Fight against those with power who use it to abuse and hurt people around them. Fight for children like Arthur. Because he’s not the first, and he won’t be the last.

Who in power right now has a chance to see and save the next little child? Who is choosing to look the other way? Pretending it’s not happening?

I don’t want to be complicit. I want to know. I look at my daughters and the idea that somebody could look at children like them and hurt them makes me feel violently sick. But it happens. It happens too often and hearing Arthur’s cries should be a wake up call to every single person in this world who could have the power to stop it.

JJ x


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