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Examples Of Unresolved Sexual Tension In Fiction, And How To Replicate Them

Unresolved sexual tension means the chemistry between two characters that shows they are attracted to one another, but they don’t act on. They might choose not to act on it because of a friendship, loyalties to others, or because they work together.

How To Write Plot Twists

A plot twist is a sudden change in your story that your audience don’t see coming, such as a reveal that one of the goodies is actually a baddie. Your plot twist can be written in a way that pulls your audience into your story and makes them want more because it’s a really unexpected moment that’s exciting to read, or it can boot them out. And you never want to boot your audience out.

How To Write Narrative Triplets In The Style Of Serenity

A Narrative Triplet is where a concept or a theme is launched in the first use, established in the second, and then resolved in the third. It can make a good beginning, middle and end to your story, and makes the experience of reading it or watching it more satisfying for the audience.

How To Write Set Up And Pay Off In The Style Of Die Hard

The inclusion of satisfying set up and pay off in your story means your audience will find it so much more entertaining. The set up is early story beats that are part of the story in general, but then are pulled upon to be relevant to the climax of your story later. It means your audience feels rewarded for paying attention, and included in the story process because those early set up notes are put in just for their enjoyment.

How to write Narrative Triplets – referencing Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse

To explain how and why you use Narrative Triplets in your writing, I am referencing the film Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse, so this post does contain SPOILERS if you’ve not seen that film. I’ll cover key moments in the film and how these Narrative Triplets make the entire plot stronger.

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