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How To Follow Your Story Not Your Plot

Planning your story well can make the writing process easier. You won’t wander off on side adventures or get muddled as you build to the climax because you’ve already decided where you’re going. A story plan can make sure you go in with characters already developed and ready to move, and plot twists ready to construct. However, even the most carefully built story plan can become more of a burden than an aid. I’ll be exploring reasons why you should be willing to follow your story as it develops, rather than stick rigidly to a pre prepared story plan.

How To Plan Your Story Effectively

When you come up with an initial idea for a story, it can be very exciting. Perhaps you’ve invented a world, or thought of a character you want to write about. It fills you with creative urge and you’re dying to start pouring your story out. But then you sit down to write… I’m going to talk you through the process of brainstorming that initial story nugget idea so you can turn one small idea into the plan for a story.

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