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Returning to the Bloggersphere

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I began blogging in 2012, right after the birth of my first daughter. Whilst I had technically been writing both articles and stories for many years before the blog, my audience had been almost entirely made up of my mother. Writing a blog was the first time I truly felt like I could call myself a writer. I was finally being read.

I started out as a parenting blogger writing about my experiences as a single mother going through a divorce, but soon found my focus broadened to include other interests such as feminism, politics, and current affairs. I developed my style and confidence through that blog and it was an amazing way of finding focus and control in my world of chaos. And the perfect introduction to the world of professional writing.

From those early experiences I started forming a life that worked. I built up my blog audience, wrote for other publications, finished the book I had been trying to write for nearly a decade, and somehow survived the parenting. And, even more impressively, somehow survived the dating.

Recently I took a break from blogging. I needed time to focus on other aspects of my career, as well as my newly born second daughter. But I’ve decided now is the right time to return to the Bloggersphere.

JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney at the book release party for Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit, and Emily The Master Enchantress.

When I started I had one child and a dream that the book I was writing might one day be read. By anyone (other than you, momma). Nearly seven years on, I have three books out, one book in editing, cowritten with the daughter I began blogging about back in 2012, a TV series, Gracemarch, in production, and two further books I’m writing between everything else. Plus one boyfriend, two daughters, one step son, a mad springer spaniel and a neurotic guineapig. And I still cling to the vague hope I might be able to maintain relationships with my very tolerant friends and family. Thus my blogging may end up more sporadic than is ideal, but it’ll always be written with thought and care. And coffee…. (sometimes wine).

If you do find the time to read any of my work, I truly value it. Writing words on a page has been the career I longed for and worked for since childhood, before I even really knew that it was a something I could actually do, and to be a writer, all I need is a reader. So thank you. Truly.

JJ x

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