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How To Write A Character Arc From Bad To Good

The best stories take characters on a journey. They are changed and shaped by the events in your story and come out the other end as different people. This is emotional journey is known as your character’s arc. Usually a Protagonist will arc towards greater strength, learning from their errors, and an Antagonist will arc to greater evil.

How To Tell Your Audience What Your Story Is About

When your audience comes to your story, whether reading or watching, they won’t necessarily know what your story is about. They might have a blurb or a synopsis, but often that doesn’t tell them very much. I’m going to talk you through how to tell them quickly, and why it matters.

How To Plan Your Story Effectively

When you come up with an initial idea for a story, it can be very exciting. Perhaps you’ve invented a world, or thought of a character you want to write about. It fills you with creative urge and you’re dying to start pouring your story out. But then you sit down to write… I’m going to talk you through the process of brainstorming that initial story nugget idea so you can turn one small idea into the plan for a story.

How To Write An Interesting Villain – The Silence Of The Lambs

When it comes to constructing a villain in your story, you need to put as much care and time into that character as you do the hero. No matter how interesting your hero is, and how exciting the conflict is, a boring villain will make your story boring. I’ll be exploring how to make sure your villain is an interesting character.

How To Write Your Protagonist Transition From Passive To Active

The Protagonist of your story is the main character. You join them at the beginning of the story, and ride with them until the climax. At points you might move into the Point Of View (POV) of other characters, such as the Antagonist, but for the most part you stick with the Protagonist. In this post, I’ll be explaining about how to transition your Protagonist from a passive character into an active one, and why it matters.

How To Write The First In A Series

A series of books is a good way to bring in an audience, and then keep them around. If they get hooked on book one, your return readers are ready and waiting rather than having to build up interest from fresh. But making sure your first installment ends in a way that makes them want to keep exploring your world and your characters is key.

How To Write The Internal Conflict Of What Your Character Wants Vs Needs

Your Protagonist needs to be motivated throughout your story. They want something, they go after it, and your story follows that journey. However, what they want might not always be the thing they need. I’ll be exploring that and the impact it’ll have on your story.

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