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How To Use The Advice Of Write Drunk And Edit Sober

If you’ve been exploring different kinds of writing advice, you’ll no doubt have come across the advice to write drunk and edit sober. It’s given regularly, and often in a pretty little meme with a curly font. But, in honesty, is it ever useful?

How To Write The First In A Series

A series of books is a good way to bring in an audience, and then keep them around. If they get hooked on book one, your return readers are ready and waiting rather than having to build up interest from fresh. But making sure your first installment ends in a way that makes them want to keep exploring your world and your characters is key.

How To Write The Internal Conflict Of What Your Character Wants Vs Needs

Your Protagonist needs to be motivated throughout your story. They want something, they go after it, and your story follows that journey. However, what they want might not always be the thing they need. I’ll be exploring that and the impact it’ll have on your story.

Why Your Story Needs Foreshadowing And How To Write It

Foreshadowing is the technique of hinting to your audience where your story is going, without actually telling them. It works to make your story flow and feel planned and prepared, as well as making the end feel more satisfying. I will be writing how you do it.

Reasons To Make Your Antagonist Stronger Than Your Protagonist

When you’re planning your story, one of the first jobs is to establish who your Protagonist and Antagonist are. Your Protagonist is your main character, the person who you are travelling with. They want something and are motivated to get it. Your Antagonist is the person who wants the opposite, and is motivated to stop them. I’ll be writing about the balance between them in strength, ability, and determination.

Reasons Why High Stakes Will Make Your Audience Love Your Story

Your story will follow your Protagonist, your main character, on their journey to try and get something they want or need in their lives. The stakes of your story are how much your character will suffer if they fail. The higher the stakes, the tenser and more dramatic your story will be.

How To Write Likeable Characters

Your Protagonist, the main character, of your story usually need to be likeable. I say usually, because having a Protagonist who is unlikeable happens occasionally and it can work, but it makes it harder for your audience to connect to their journey. A likeable Protagonist will draw your audience into following their story, and make them invest more easily.

Why I Love To Write Books

I love to read, and now I’m in the privileged position that my job is to write. I love everything about it. My career started with blogs and articles, then I moved into finally releasing the book I’d been working on for a decade, and now I’m finally making a movie. I’ve been asked if, now making more films is a potential for my future, would I ever want to go back to writing books?

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