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How our culture sexualises teenage girls to the point of devaluing everything else about them.

It’s a disturbing fact that our society sexualises teenage girls to the point of valuing little else about them. I remember when I became a teenager and suddenly fell onto a radar for men to ogle, shout at, and pester to the point of being dangerous. I remember realising my growing body suddenly had value for it’s sexuality. I also

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Mixed sex facilities, safe spaces, and the girls who get hurt because “it’ll never happen”.

As gender-neutral, mixed sex, facilities that are considered to be “safe spaces” become the new trend, the women who fight against it are being gas lit continually. We are told that fears these open rules will allow men to violate women’s privacy and put women in physical danger are crazy, and that it’ll never happen. It’ll never happen. I wrote

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Facebook, Dick Pics, and Being a Female Professional Writer Online.

I’m a writer by profession. I write novels, scripts and blogs, and it’s how I make a living. To make a living, people need to know I exist or they won’t read, buy or invest in any of the work I do. And to let people know I exist, I depend heavily on a social media presence. Through Facebook, Twitter