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Why I believe in the importance of recognising privilege.

The idea of privilege is pretty trendy right now. Male privilege, white privilege, class privilege. On one side it’s pretty easy to accuse someone of having one of these things as a way of discounting their accomplishments as being merely a product of their privilege. And on the other side, people are accused of victimising themselves by blaming the privilege

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I know I’m a bad feminist, but why doing what we can is enough.

I consider myself to be a feminist. I recognise the sex based oppression that women and girls have suffered internationally for generations. FGM, child marriages, forced pregnancy, rape rates, sex trafficking. Being born female can be a death sentence, it can be a life sentence for pain and abuse, and I want to work to support the women around me

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Unquestioning Acceptance As The Opposite Of Bigotry, and The Rise In Wrongthink.

We live in the most progressive and accepting era of our times. Our rights to love and speak and feel our truths are protected. We celebrate diversity in identity, in sexuality and in opinion. Except you. You’re a bigot. Whilst we live in a free time, we seem to be protecting one area of our freedoms by sacrificing others without

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Why nothing makes me feel less liberal than the concept of “kink shaming”.

I’ve always considered myself a lefty liberal. I have gone through life hating judgmental people and embracing the move towards a progressive and accepting society. We should all be free to be true to ourselves, to love who we love, and accept everyone for their truth. And I do feel we should be proud of what we’ve achieved. I still