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How To Accept Bad Reviews And Still Keep Writing

Bad reviews are part and parcel of being a writer. It sucks and it can hurt really bad, but it’s going to happen. If you let it, receiving bad reviews can kill your confidence. It can break you, stop you writing. It can convince you that you’re not good enough and stop you from writing more.

How To Keep Your Story Conflict Active In Every Scene

Your story follows your Protagonist on a journey to achieve a story goal, and your Antagonist trying to stop them. As long as these characters are motivated, your story conflict is active. I’ll explain why an active story conflict is essential to keep your story moving forwards and entertaining.

Top Reasons To Rip Away Your Character’s Emotional Support System

When you start your story, you will most likely put in an emotional support system around your Protagonist. You give them friends, family, and work colleagues. People who they can trust and talk to, even in times of crisis. in this blog I’ll be explaining the reasons why, throughout the course of your story, you should rip those emotional support systems away.

How To Live Through Your Characters

The characters in your story are how your audience experiences your plot, so it’s essential they feel real. If you write characters that feel wooden or fake, your whole story will feel wooden and fake. A really good way to make sure you’re writing characters that feel real to your audience is to live your own life through them, let them become part of you.

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